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Excel-Cast foundry

About Excel-Cast, Inc.



Welcome to Excel-Cast, the ultimate moldmaking and resin casting foundry! My name is Matthew Scott, president of Excel-Cast Inc., and I would like to introduce myself and tell you about my company's history and philosophy.

For fifteen years I worked in a fine art foundry, becoming the master moldmaker and head resin technician. During this period I not only worked directly with sculptors and commercial clients, developing my own methods and formulas through trial and error, but I also received a bachelors degree in the arts and won numerous awards for my creative work.

Through exhibiting my work nationally and abroad, I became intimately familiar with the needs of my customers and found that there were not enough choices for them in the Midwest. Many customers were finding that they were stuck paying too much to have their work produced locally and were having to send it to either East or West coast for satisfactory service. I founded Excel-Cast in the interests of those artists who demand the highest quality molds, resin, and wax castings and for those who want to deal with an artist who understands the limited budgets and tight deadlines often involved with their projects.

You should not have to bring your highly personal work to a company owned by someone with an MBA who only understands how to make a profit. You should be dealing with a more intimate company that is sensitive to both your creative needs and your budget. Excel-Cast is a functioning art studio above all else. It is a place where nothing is impossible, where customers are always welcome to stop by and visit, where hand-crafted quality and respect for artistic integrity are still alive and well. This company exists for you.

Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott

President, Excel-Cast, Inc.